Tuesday, November 22, 2011




In back to back hands a player is crippled then knocked-out.

Hand #1) Robert Chung-Shui bets 21,000 on the turn and his Opponent jams all-in. Robert calls and has him covered.

Robert's 9♣9 flopped a set and Opponent's 5♣6♣ picked up a flush draw and a double-gutter.

Cards up to the turn: 3 9 7♣ A♣

The river K gave the pot to Robert. With the double up he's up to 150,000.

After missing a ton of outs Opponent was crippled to 700 and shoved it in the next hand holding A♣ 4♣ .

Four players were in the hand trying to score the knock-out.

Tony Nguyen holds wired threes and sees a miracle flop of 3-8-3 . Another player in the hand has 8-8 and gives Tony action.

When the dust settles on a three-mendous board of 3-8-3-6-A, Tony's quad 3's knocks out two players.

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