Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Filippi Felted


On a flop of 9 7 5 with two hearts, Amnon Filippi (New York, NY) was all-in against Sung Ha Kim (Cliffside Park, NJ).

Amnon held AJ of hearts for the nut flush draw with two overcards.  Kim held 87 of spades for middle pair with gutshot.

The last two came offsuit 2 6 and Kim improved to a straight on the river to claim the pot, felting Amnon in the process.

Kim chipped up to ~170k.

Leonid Lerner got all-in holding 97 suited against pocket 3s.  The flop included a 9 and two of his suit, so it was all Leonid.  He doubled up to about 100k.

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